Parallels Desktop Business Edition 12.2.1-41615 附Win10&offfice2016激活模板 macpeers首发

Parallels Desktop Business Edition 12.2.1 中文版?附Win10&offfice2016激活模板 MACPEERS首发

亚博娱乐官网「唯一网址」亚博体育APP官网下载亚博体育客服电话Parallels Desktop for mac 12是世界上最畅销的,顶级的,和最值得信赖的解决方案,运行Windows的应用程序在您的MAC。与Parallels Desktop for MAC,你可以无缝运行Windows和MAC OS X应用程序并没有重新启动。拖放Windows和MAC的应用程序之间的文件,从你的MAC码头推出的Windows应用程序,并与速度更,控制和信心。

无缝简单使用运行Windows程序好像是原产于你的MAC。设置桌面的相似MAC简单快捷。享受两全其美–Windows和MAC OS X–一无缝桌面。

Additional Features
- Drag & drop files between Mac and Windows
- Copy & paste files or text between Mac and Windows
- Launch Windows apps right from the Dock
- Move your PC to Mac in a few easy steps
- Single cloud storage space between Mac and Windows
- Assign any USB devices to your Mac or Windows
- Retina Display support for Windows
- Run Windows in full screen
- Open files in Windows just by drag & drop
- Open any site in Microsoft Explorer right from Safari browser
- Apply Mac OS parental control to Windows apps
- Windows alerts in Mac Notification Center
- Mac dictation inside Windows applications
- The number of Unread emails shown in the Dock
- “Reveal in Windows Explorer” in OS X files menu
- Linked clones for VMs*
- Vagrant Provider
- 16 vCPUs and 64 GB vRAM
- Nested virtualization for Linux
- Drag & drop files in OS X guests
- Real-time virtual disk optimization
- Create VM from VHD and VMDK disks
- Drag & drop to create VM
- Disk Space Wizard optimizes your disk space
- Shared folders and printers for Linux VMs
- Windows apps in Launchpad
- Power Nap in Windows
- Use Force Touch to look up definitions
- New Virtual Machine Wizard
- Mission Control support
- The Presentation Wizard prevents most projector issues
- Drop files onto Outlook to create a new message
- Multi-language Keyboard Sync
- Share Bluetooth between Mac and Windows
- Mac OS X Guest support
- Spaces functionality for Windows apps
- Mission Control exposes your Windows apps
- DirectX 10 inside Windows
- Thunderbolt support
- Firewire support
- USB-C and USB 3.0 support
- Work without risk with Snapshots
- Safeguard your VM with encryption
- 2 GB video memory support
- Finder Tabs work with Windows apps
and many more...

Requirements: OS X 10.10.5 or later

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2017-06-01 更新为2017版的Windows10_1703版本, office为专业增强版:

Windows 10 虚拟系统模板: 提取码:qd9p
Windows 10 x64 安装盘: 提取码: jp7e
WinRAR 5.3.1 提取码: 7wsd
office 2016 Pro x64 安装盘: 提取码: 2e2n
虚拟系统激活备份: 提取码: vbc5


Screenshot 亚博体育客服电话--任意三数字加yabo.com直达官网截屏:


System requirements 系统要求:

  • OS X 10.7 or Later